teamwork concept chart with business elementsAbout

SMART-TANK™ is a new startup developed by Philadelphia area entrepreneurs committed to providing today’s student entrepreneurs with a valuable real life educational experience.  In today’s competitive marketplace, student graduates need more than a GPA to attract desirable career opportunities. Participation in SMART-TANK™ competitions helps prepare future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs by teaching critical skills such as teamwork, strategic thinking, collaboration, presentation skills and much much more.  Most SMART-TANK™ competitions will be six to eight weeks in duration.

Students showing teamworkSMART-TANK™ competitions are designed to be totally funded by corporate sponsors with a minimum prize pool of $10,000.  These corporate sponsors have a genuine interest in supporting educational initiates and promoting entrepreneurship. But additionally corporate sponsors gain valuable brand exposure to the large university networks of students, student families, alumni, faculty and corporate partners.  Another key benefit particularly in today’s competitive talent marketplace is exposure to graduating students who have demonstrated strengths in critical areas important to their organizations.

Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or hosting a SMART-TANK™ competition at your university for the 2016/2017 academic year.