University Provides

Group of diversity college students learning on campusThe SMART-TANK™ platform includes a combination of services and technology designed to make the competition a valuable student educational experience with very limited administrative effort on the part of the host university.  SMART-TANK™ competitions are designed to be totally funded by corporate sponsors so there is no investment required on the part of the university.  The SMART-TANK™ platform is comprehensive yet flexible allowing universities to tailor the competitions to meet the specific needs of their students and event programming.

For each competition, the University provides:

  • Point person for communication activities
  • Space to hold the Finals Presentations
  • Candidates for judges and mentors (mix of alumni/faculty/business partners)
  • Key contacts for potential alumni/business partner co-sponsors (optional)
  • Awards dinner banquet (optional)

Woman and man discussing about business strategyContact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or hosting a SMART-TANK™ competition at your university for the 2016/2017 academic year.